organya xperience

Organyà Xperience, escola de parapent i activitats de muntanya

The Team

Our team has excellent training in each of our specialities. Although we are a diverse team, our natural predisposition for having a great time will assure that you enjoy all of our activities in total safety.

Jordi Medina

Manager and founder of Organyà Xperience. Degree in Primary Education with Physical Education specialty. Sports and Physical Activities Advanced Technician and Outdoor Activities Director. With more than 20 years of experience in outdoor activities and more than 15 years of experience paragliding. Working with different paragliding schools and flying in different continents, in Argentina, Brazil, France and Morocco. He is a mountain sports enthusiast, and now he is devoting his career to the paraglide teaching and practice exclusively.

Mireia Suñé

Graphic Designer. Mountain sports and motorbike lover. She is responsible for the image, design, Organyà Xperience Facebook page, as well as the video editing. She is the Public Relations and the live of the party.

Alexandre Sadurní

Assistant Instructor.
He is a mountain lover and paraglide enthusiast. He combines outdoor activities with his job. Doctor in Thermo energetic Engineering he doesn’t hesitate to core a thermal as far as he can.

Beatriz Garcia

Assistant Instructor.
Bea started to fly in 1995 and the same year participated in her first competition. After that all in her life has been flying and working in paraglider's world. She has flown around Europe, Asia, Africa and America. She has participated in the XC world championships and also in 2016 won the Spanish Acro championship.

carles torres

Assistant Instructor.
Carles Torres is a paraglider pilot since 1993 and is paragliding technician since 1998. Founder and manager of the workshop of paragliding repair and maintenance STRIP-AIR. The workshop began operation in 2000 in Organyà while Carles made compatible this work, and the work of instructor in Parapent Pirenaic school. Also is a competition pilot and has participated in competitions such the X-Pyr besides flying all around the world.

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