organya xperience

Organyà Xperience, Escola de Parapent i Activitats de Muntanya

Discovery Flight

Come and fly with us, discover zero gravity and contemplate the landscape from a very different point of view. The flight takes approximately 20 minutes. With an awesome price including transfer to the flying site and flight insurance. Discovery flight 90 €.

Would you like to give a different, moving and unforgettable gift?
Give a Tandem Flight. Now we offer you the possibility to buy a Voucher valid for a tandem flight.
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Acro Flight

Discover the sensation of soaring gently while enjoying a beautiful landscape and descending suddenly at 3Gs, making the pendulum with the paraglider and feel the sensation of resting suspended in the air. This tandem flight is recommended for thrill seekers and for those who have already flown and are looking forward to new emotions. The flight takes approximately 20 minutes. The price includes transfer to the flying site, wing over acro manoeuvres, spin and flight insurance.

Long Life Flight

We fly with you in the Ares mountain range (Alt Urgell, Catalonia) and explore new landscapes. Recommended if you have already flown but you are eager for more. The flight takes approximately 45 minutes. The price includes transfer to the flying site, photographic report with 20-25 pictures and flight insurance.

Mountain Flight

We climb to a mountain peak and descend flying. Enjoy a short hike, reach a summit and launch off of it seeing the landscape from an unimaginable perspective. The different peaks are Turó de l’Home and Puigmal, with others to be confirmed. The price includes photographic report with 25 pictures and flight insurance.