Organyà Xperience

Organyà Xperience, escola de parapent i activitats de muntanya

Welcome to Organyà Xperience!

Come and paraglide with us to admire the magnificent views of the Alt Urgell, take off from the ground to discover new and indescribable sensations. Enjoy the landscape from a bird’s eye view. Discover another way of seeing the wirld with the help of our expert team, which has a wealth of experience with freeflight techniques and providing training. For further information contact us at We look forward to see you!


Tandem flights

Come and fly with us, discover zero gravity and contemplate the landscape from a very different perspective. At Organyà Xperience we offer a range of different tandem flights:
– Discovery flight.
– Acrobatic flight.
– Long range flight.
– Trainning flight.


In our school we offer different Paragliding Courses to fit the technical level of each student:
– Discovery course.
– Beginner course.
– Progression course.
– Advanced course.
– Cross Country course.
The target of these courses is to guarantee the pilots will feel secure in their flights and train them in the world of paragliding.

The Club

Our club is more than a club, we are a group of friends sharing our passion of nature and freeflight. We welcome everybody in our daytrips, and if the weather conditions don’t allow flying, we can always go climbing, trekking, etc. The most important thing for us is to enjoy nature in good company.

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